Ammon Bundy, Oregon Militants Found Not Guilty (Video)

Ammon Bundy and five of his followers were found not guilty Oct. 27 of charges related to their armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon for 41 days in early 2016 (video below).

The verdict came down in a Portland courtroom: The defendants were found not guilty of conspiracy to impede federal officers through intimidation, threats or force, not guilty of illegal possession of firearms in a federal facility, and not guilty of theft of government property, notes Reuters.

However, the jury was deadlocked on a theft charge for Ammon's brother, Ryan.

Supporters of the Bundy brothers and their four co-defendants celebrated outside the courtroom, but chaos erupted inside when Ammon's lawyer, Marcus Mumford, was arrested by U.S. Marshals, reports KATU.

After the jury's acquittal was announced, Judge Anna Brown allowed all the defendants to leave, except Ammon and Ryan, who are being held in federal custody because of an armed standoff in Nevada with their dad, Cliven Bundy, in 2014.

According to KATU, Mumford yelled at Brown that Ammon was free to go, and asked U.S. Marshals for their paperwork that allowed them to keep Ammon in custody.

Shawna Cox, one of the defendants, said outside the courtroom (video below) that eight to ten marshals "attacked" Mumford, and used a Taser on him. She added that Ammon and Ryan are "still not released."

Brown cleared her courtroom after Mumford was taken into custody by the marshals who charged him with resisting arrest, according to KATU.

RawStory.com notes that many Twitter users were furious that Bundy and his followers were acquitted while police crack down on Black Lives Matter protesters and Native American demonstrators who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline (Standing Rock):

Sad day for America: white people armed to the teeth at #oregonstandoff all found not guilty while #StandingRock protesters removed by force.

white right wing terrorists at #oregonstandoff all not guilty, but #blacklivesmatter is forcibly removed from City Hall, by race patrols?

Oregon 'patriots' found not guilty on all charges. And the judicial system lets us down again. What if they were black?#oregonstandoff.

Another group of Oregon defendants is scheduled to go to trial in February 2017, reports Reuters.

Sources: Reuters, KATU, RawStory.com / Photo credit: Willamette Week/YouTube

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