Ammo.com Says Obama is "Greatest Gun Salesman in America"

During the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, NRA head Wayne LaPierre declared that President Obama's lack of gun laws in his first term was part  of “a massive Obama conspiracy” to pass gun laws during his second term.

However, in a post published Tuesday by online ammunition supplier Ammo.com, the company hailed President Barack Obama was hailed as “the greatest gun salesman in America.”

Ammo.com stated: “Ironically, the perceived hostility towards gun owners by President Obama has actually helped the firearms industry tremendously. Since the 2008 election, more Americans than ever before are purchasing firearms & ammunition."

"This has meant massive increases in sales by firearm & ammunition makers, billions more in federal and state tax collections related to guns & ammo, increased membership in the [National Rifle Association (NRA)], and hundreds of thousands of new Americans carrying concealed handguns. Therefore, should the firearms industry support President Obama for a second term or not?”


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