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Amish Man Leads Police On Wild 120 MPH Chase

Here’s an unexpected one for you.

An Amish man was punished with two years of probation today after he led police on a 120 mph car chase.

Unfortunately I’ve got to ruin a bit of the fun of this story. The man, 19 year old Sylvan M. Stoltzfus, wasn’t whipping through the streets of Millersburg, Pennsylvania at over one hundred miles an hour in a horse and buggy. That would be impossible (though it would be awesome to see.)

He was driving a car during the chase.

Though the Amish tend to reject much of modern technology, they do make exceptions at their own discretion. Apparently Stoltzfus’ parents made one of these exceptions and bought their son a car. Doesn’t seem like such a good decision now.

Millersburg police say Stoltzfus was originally pulled over for an obscured license plate. When officers approached his car, he sped away. He tore through the town before running into a parked car, a fire hydrant, and a street sign. Once his car was stopped, officers had to remove him from the car at gunpoint.

Stoltzfus pleaded guilty to charges of speeding, fleeing police, and reckless endangerment.  In order to make sure Stoltzfus doesn’t lose his cool on the road again, his parents hooked him up with a more traditional ride.

“His parents sold his car,” the family’s attorney said. “He now has his own horse and buggy.”

Someone please get this guy on the next season of Breaking Amish.

Source: Penn Live


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