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NY Amish Teen Leads Cops on Slow-Speed Horse & Buggy Chase

Quick paw...grab the apple butter...

I usually resist those "Amish-in-the-news"-type stories.  Because people use the Amish lifestyle as a played-out punch-line, but think their whole "simple living" thing is pretty cool.  And then along comes 17-year-old Levi Detweiler . . .

Levi's an Amish teenager from Leon, New York, a small town in the very western part of New York.  Recently we're not sure when . . . Levi was driving his horse and buggy while in the possession of some delicious alcohol.

(Do the Amish frown on the consumption of alcohol?  We're not sure, their rules on that are a little hazy.  Does it have to be booze that they make?  If you're Amish, call in and let us know.  Wait . . . you can't.  Or can you?  Anyway.)

At some point, Levi blew a stop sign while some local sheriff's deputies were nearby, so they tried to pull his horse and buggy over.  But Levi wasn't about to let Johnny Law get in the way of a good time.

Not only did he refuse to stop, he led the cops on a chase . . . in his horse and buggy . . . for three-quarters of a mile.  And he would have gone further, but he tried to turn into a driveway too fast. 

That didn't work out too well, and Levi crashed his horse and buggy into a ditch.  Then he got out and took off running.

Local authorities eventually caught up with him, and he's been charged with failure to stop at a stop sign, reckless endangerment, underage possession of alcohol . . . and overdriving an animal.  The horse was fine. 


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