Missing Couple Were In A Legal Battle With Neighbors


It's been discovered that a Washington state couple who have been missing for days were embroiled in a legal battle with neighbors. Now, police have made a shocking discovery in the woods - their two abandoned cars.

Pat Shunn, 45, and his 46-year-old wife Monique Patenaude were last seen April 11. A family member told KOMO News that Patenaude was last seen around 1 p.m. near their house.

Shunn left for work April 11, but never showed up.

“Pat did not show up for work nor did he call in,” Erik Shunn posted April 12. “That is very uncharacteristic of him. Pat and Monique have pets and livestock and they haven’t been taken care of the last day and a half.”

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The pair live in a heavily forested area. When neighbors checked in on the couple’s home, they found their pets and livestock unattended for the last two days, says a family member.

According to court records acquired by The Seattle Times, the couple is in the center of a legal battle with several neighbors, whom they allege bring unleashed dogs and recreational vehicles onto their private property.

"Obviously, people [are] concerned what happened to them," said neighbor Damon Davis. "I just hope they find them and you know everybody will keep their eyes open to try to find these people. No one wants to see any loved ones ... gone."

Police searched the couple’s home for clues April 13, and at that time, their cars were still missing.

On April 14, both of their cars, a 2000 Land Rover Discovery and a 1995 Jeep SUV, were discovered in a remote area of the woods, according to the New York Daily News.

The couple was still nowhere to be found.

"They're working all angles of this, kind of backtracking from where we know they were last and working forward," said Shari Ireton, spokeswoman for Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. “Their disappearance is considered suspicious because it’s unusual for them not to be in touch with their work or their family and friends.”

Authorities have not released information on any possible suspects or a probable motive.

Sources: KOMO, Seattle TimesNew York Daily News / Photo credit: Shunn family via Seattle Times

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