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America's Worst Tippers Live in Arkansas, Most Generous in New York

A recent survey conducted by website CouponCodes4u found that the worst tipping states are mainly in the south, with Arkansas averaging just a ten percent tip.

The survey consisted of 2,317 people from all over America. They found that the list of the most stingiest states was Arkansas, West Virginia, and North Dakota. 

New York, on the other hand, was found to be the most generous, tipping their waiters an average of 23.6 percent.

Georgia and Alabama were also pretty stingy, tipping only 11.2 percent and 11.5 percent.

California, Nevada and Texas were joined with New York in being the most generous. California averages a 20.4 percent tip, Nevada a 20.1 percent tip and Texas a 19.7 percent tip.

Despite some states being generous with tips, the poll found that the majority of America does not want to tip at all. Fifty-six percent of those polled said they would prefer to pay more for food at a restaurant than tip. 

Sixty-three percent said they felt pressured to leave a tip, even when their service wasn't good.

Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4u, said, "As a land known for its tipping culture, we thought it would be interesting to discover whether or not Americans really do love to tip or if it is more of a myth."

"Surprisingly, more than half of Americans surveyed admitted that they would prefer to pay more on the bill instead of tipping."

"With the majority of consumers claiming that they would prefer a new way of paying for their eating out experiences, perhaps it is time to have a frank discussion about America's tipping culture!"

Sources: Daily Mail,CouponCodes4u


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