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America's Violent Past and Present, Who or What is to Blame?

This week Vice President Biden is expected to present his gun control plan to President Obama, Not surprisingly, pro-gun advocates are in opposition to any new gun restrictions and blame Hollywood and video games for America's ultra-violent society.

While there is an enormous amount of violence in entertainment these days, the U.S. had a long and bloody history of violence long before there was a Hollywood or the word "video game" ever existed. 

The U.S. is one of the most violent nations in modern history. Some have even compared the U.S. to ancient Rome, which was involved in numerous conflicts and had an equally violent society.

Why is America such a violent nation? Is it in the DNA of Americans?  Or is the world simply a violent place and the U.S. must engage in violence in order to survive?  Other countries such as Great Britain also have a bloody history, but their present society is not nearly as violent as the U.S.

Here is a list of American conflicts and wars.

The American Revolution (1775-1783), The Indian Wars (1775-1890), Shay's Rebellion
(1786-1787), The Whiskey Rebellion (1794),  Quasi-Naval War With France (1798-1800), Fries's Rebellion "The Hot Water War" (1799), The Barbary Wars (1800-1815), The War of 1812, Mexican-American War (1846-1848), U.S. Slave Rebellions (1800-1865), Bleeding Kansas (1855-1860), Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry (1859), United States Civil War (1861-1865), U.S. Intervention in Hawaiian Revolution (1893), The Spanish-American War
(1898), U.S. Intervention in Samoan Civil War (1898-1899), U.S.-Philippine War (1899-1902).

Entering the 1900s, the U.S. often intervened in conflicts in the Western Hemisphere which had nothing to do with national security, but were over economic interests:

Boxer Rebellion (1900), The Moro Wars (1901-1913), U.S. Intervention in Panamanian Revolution (1903), The Banana Wars (1909-1933), U.S. Occupation of Vera Cruz
(1914),  Pershing's Raid Into Mexico (1916-1917),  World War I (1917-1918), Allied Intervention in Russian Civil War (1919-1921), World War II 1941-1945, The Korean War
(1950-1953), The Vietnam War (1955-1975), U.S. Intervention in Lebanon (1958), Dominican Republic Intervention (1965), Cambodian Campaign (1970), Chilean Coup D'Etat (1973).

From the 1980's to the present, the U.S. has become involved in numerous conflicts in the Middle East:

U.S. Libya Conflict (1981), U.S. Intervention in Lebanon (1982-1984), U.S. Invasion of Grenada (1983). Operation Earnest Will in Iran (1987-1988), U.S. Invasion of Panama
(1989), Persian Gulf War - Operation Desert Storm (1991), U.S. Intervention in Somalia (1992-1994), NATO Intervention in Bosnia (1994-1995), U.S. Occupation of Haiti (1994), Desert Fox Campaign (part of U.S./Iraq Conflict - 1998), Kosovo War (1999), Afghanistan War - Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-Present) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-Present).


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