Ferguson Protester Believes 'Some Will Have To Die' For The Cause


An interview with USA Today has sparked even more controversy in the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown saga, as a protester in support of Brown told a reporter that some people “will have to die.”

In a story about race relations in America following a grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black unarmed teenager Michael Brown, USA Today spoke to protesters who believe that the fight for equal rights and treatment under the law is far from over.

“This is 2014, and we are still confronting the problems that our mothers and fathers confronted back in the civil rights era,” said civil rights activist Cat Daniels, 53. “My generation came along, and we fed off what they did. We didn’t fight and keep the fight going. Now, because we didn’t keep the fight, our children have to fight.”

Others share a more ominous version of Cat Daniels’ views, as protester Jay Daniels told USA Today that many of them aren’t afraid to die for the cause.

“Some people are going to have to die for the cause,” Jay Daniels told USA Today. “It’s sad to say, but this is the new civil rights movement for our generation, and there will be casualties and there should be bloodshed.”

While protests continue across the country, many seem to be in agreement that Michael Brown’s death was a “defining moment” for race relations in the United States, although others believe that to be true for opposite reasons.

“It’s all about skin color, when racists call a ‘child’ a 6’4 300 pound thug who robs and assaults an innocent little shopkeeper, then attacks, assaults, punches, grabs for the gun of a Cop. Brown was armed… with aggression, hatred, bad attitude, and a 300 pound body,” wrote one commenter online, according to the Inquisitr.

Others agree with Jay Daniels’ views about some people having to die for the cause, but it appears the reasons why they agree are contradictory to what Daniels was trying to say.

“The ones who deserve to die are the communist/anarchist agitators,” one commenter expressed. “As they should, thanks to our second amendment given to us to fight this terrorism and tyranny.”

As protests continue and racial tensions grow, many are left wondering if America is at a crucial point in the ongoing issue of race relations.

Sources: Inquisitr, USA Today / Photo Source: USA Today via AP


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