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Americans Shoot Themselves, Others to Ring in the New Year (Video)

2014 started off with a bang in the US, as American gun owners shot themselves and other people to ring in the New Year.

Walter Moore allegedly shot a teen girl in the hand early on Wednesday night. While the girl's injury was not life threatening, police arrested Moore.

"It could have been New Year's Eve revelry," Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson told The Denver Post. "But it doesn't make a difference to us. It's still aggravated assault."

This was one of only several gun incidents that happened in gun-loving Denver.

"It was a typical night in the city on New Year's," added Jackson.

In Port Arthur, Texas, a man rang in New Year's Eve by firing his handgun at himself. His injuries were non-life threatening and he may have been drunk at the time, reports the Beaumont Enterprise.

According to,  a Jacksonville, Fla. gun owner was playing with his gun while celebrating New Years Eve with his loved ones. Gregory Amole reportedly shot himself in the head around midnight and is now in serious condition (video below).

Sources:, Beaumont Enterprise, The Denver Post


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