Americans Must Call Obama to Protest Tiahrt Amendments


As we previously wrote, President Obama broke his campaign pledge to
the American people last week when he refused to strip all of the dangerous
Tiahrt restrictions out of his FY 2010 budget. The Tiahrt Amendments prohibit
the public release of gun crime trace data from ATF, a vital measure to help
stop illegal gun trafficking into urban areas and weapons flowing into

The President promised an era of transparency and open government, but
instead has caved under the gun lobby’s radical agenda and influence. The result
is that more American communities will continue to suffer from the horrific toll
of gun violence.

Please call the White House today to express your disappointment in the Obama
administration for failing to remove Tiahrt restrictions to stop illegal gun
trafficking and for withholding vital crime data from the public.

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

Specifically request that President Obama:

* Prevent the destruction of Brady background check

According to, the “Tiahrt Amendments
require the Justice Department to destroy the record of a buyer whose NICS
background check was approved within 24 hours.

This makes it harder to catch law-breaking gun dealers who falsify their
records, and it makes it more difficult to identify and track straw purchasers
who buy guns on behalf of criminals.

* Lift the ban on public disclosure of gun crime trace data so that
mayors, researchers and advocates have access to this vital

Although President Obama’s budget lifted restrictions on police chiefs and
now permits law enforcement officials to access ATF’s trace data and reports,
the President went out of his way to include additional language that “no person
described herein shall knowingly and publicly disclose such data.”

In effect, the President’s budget prohibits this important data from being
made accessible to mayors, civic leaders, researchers, gun violence prevention
advocates and the American people.

* Require gun dealers to fully inventory and account for their

Also, while federally licensed gun dealers must notify ATF if they discover
that guns from their inventories have been lost or stolen, the Tiahrt Amendments
prevent ATF from requiring gun dealers to conduct annual physical inventory
checks to detect losses and thefts.

The President’s easy acceptance of the gun lobby’s radical agenda, and his
failure to stand up for the safety of our country challenges our hope that
President Obama will be the change we can believe in’ with respect to reducing
gun violence in our country.

Thank you for taking action today to help reduce and prevent gun violence in


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