Americans Killed by U.S. Cops Since 9/11 Outnumber Americans Killed In Iraq War (Video)

Americans are now in more danger of being killed by police officers in the U.S. than if they were serving in the U.S. military in Iraq.

According to FilmingCops.com, police in the U.S. have likely killed over 5,000 Americans since 9/11, but there is no exact number because local police departments do not have to provide public information regarding deadly force.

RT.com reported in 2013, that according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 400-500 Americans are killed by police officers every year (video below).

This Bureau of Justice Statistics number was also reported in the documentary "Release US" by Charles Show (video below).

According to NBC News, almost 4,500 U.S. troops were killed during the Iraq War.

Using a median number of 450 American deaths per year at the hands of police officers since 9/11, that number would be 5850.

The CATO Institute, a think tank, claimed in 2012 that Americans were "eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist."

The CATO Institute's National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project recorded 4,861 instances of police brutality in just 2010.

Sources: FilmingCops.com, NBC News, CATO Institute, National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, RT.com


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