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Most Americans Don't Think Trump Keeps His Promises


Nearing the end of his first 100 days in office, President Donald Trump does not seem to have convinced Americans that he keeps his promises, according to a new poll.

The latest Gallup poll found that only 45 percent of respondents trust Trump to do what he promises, which is down substantially from the last time the question was asked in February, when 62 percent of Americans said the president keeps his promises, a decline of 17 percent.

The poll also found that people are now less likely to see Trump a "strong and decisive leader," as someone who "can bring about the changes this country needs," or as someone who is "honest and trustworthy."

More than half of poll respondents -- 52 percent -- said they view Trump as a "strong and decisive leader." While still more than half, that number is also down from February, when 59 percent viewed Trump as a "strong and decisive leader," a decline of 7 percent.

A total of 46 percent of poll respondents said Trump "can bring about the changes this country needs," which is down from 53 percent in February, also a downward slide of 7 percent.

Trump has always had problems with the public believing he is "honest and trustworthy." And his first 100 days in office seemed to have only made matters worse.

The Gallup poll found that only 36 percent view Trump as "honest and trustworthy," a drop of 6 percent from February when he scored 42 percent.

Trump's drop in these poll numbers come after he has reversed many of his controversial positions to a more centrist Republican standard, including his concession that NATO "is no longer obsolete" after he'd hammered the U.S.'s eastern European bulwark alliance against Russia throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, according to the New York Daily News.

Trump has also softened his stance on China, saying he longer believes they're "currency manipulators."

The President  has also been somewhat re-branded as a wartime president after he launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian government air bases.

However, the poll was conducted April 5-9, before many of Trump's policy reversals, as well as his April 7 missile strike on Syria, were conducted, leaving the impact on Americans' opinion of those recent decisions unclear.

While Trump's poll numbers appear to continue their downward trajectory ever since he was sworn into office, the media-critiquing president might find solace in an Emerson University poll that found he was still more trustworthy than the media.

That poll found that while less than half -- 49 percent -- view the Trump administration as "untruthful," that's still better than the media, which is viewed as "untruthful" by 53 percent, reported The Blaze.

Sources: Gallup, New York Daily News, The Blaze / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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