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Man Accidentally Sets Himself On Fire While Burning Flag (Video)

A protestor got burned in more than one way after attempting to set the American flag on fire (video below).

The man didn't just cause the fury of many when he performed the controversial attack -- he also set himself on fire, the Daily Mail reports.

Video footage reveals the man in a crowd accidentally setting his gloves on fire after burning the American flag.

Yet it seems the rest of the cheering crowd didn't notice the man as he fled the scene, attempting to wave off the flames before realizing another garment was on fire, as well.

While the exact reasons for the protest are not clear, many across the nation have been burning flags since President-elect Donald Trump won Nov. 8.

“This is a representation of America!" yelled one anti-Trump student protester at American University while burning the flag, The Washington Post reports. "We are going down in flames!”

Yet even before Trump's win, many were burning flags in protest of the man's campaign.

In July, Gregory Johnson set his pants on fire while attempting to burn the flag outside of the Republican National Convention.

When police officers rushed in, Johnson pushed the burning flag away, accidentally setting two others on fire, as well.

It's reportedly not the first time Johnson set a flag on fire. Johnson was infamously taken into police custody in 1984 while protesting against Ronald Reagan's policies.

While he was charged for desecrating the flag in Texas, Johnson managed to successfully appeal to the Supreme Court after arguing the First Amendment protects his "symbolic speech."

Since then, the country has classified flag burning as a protected form of free speech -- a move not everybody is happy with.

“I was definitely uncomfortable, just — more in shock than anything, that a fellow student at my university would be willing to burn our nation’s flags and be happy about it and say this is a revolution, this is going to change everything,” said an American University student who voted for Clinton.

Others echo her sentiment.

"Why would you burn the American flag?" said one person, reports. "It is disrespectful to the veterans and loved ones who lost their life or fought to keep our freedom and the flag should be respected."

Sources: Daily Mail (2), The Washington / Photo credit: Live Leak via Daily Mail

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