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American Guns Creating Kindergarten Killers?

Accidents happen. Add guns to the picture, and accidents turn into tragedies and curious kindergartners become killers. This week, the Sun-Times reports that a Chicago five-year-old shot and killed his twin brother, as they were getting ready for their first day of school:

…On the eve of the start of school, while they played “cops and robbers” alone in their bedroom Monday night with what they thought was a toy gun, Jonathan Jackson was fatally shot in the chest by his identical 5-year-old brother, police and relatives said.

Also this week, a Florida father was charged with culpable negligence stemming from a February shooting involving more small children. 

The Tampa Tribune reports that in their home, there was one gun under a pillow, one on a bookshelf, three in a safe, three in cases, and one in a bag. 

And two small children.  Not surprisingly, the six-year-old boy got hold of one of the guns and accidentally shot his three-year-old brother in the chest:

On Feb. 20, at 1781 N. Fort Harrison Ave., 6-year-old Goivanni Carpio found an unsecured semi-automatic firearm in his father’s bedroom, underneath a pillow, according to court documents.

The boy racked a round into the chamber by pulling back the slide and accidently discharged the firearm, said Elizabeth Watts, Clearwater’s public safety spokeswoman. The round struck his 3-year old brother, Gabriel Carpio, in the chest, according to documents.

The bullet went into the middle of the boy’s chest and exited, the documents say. It pierced his lung, but he survived, the documents say.

To learn more, see our fact sheets on unintentional shootings and the risks of having guns in the home.


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