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American Gored While Running With Bulls In Spain (Video)

Benjamin Miller, a 20-year-old American, chose to run with the bulls in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, on Feb. 14. He was gored by one of the bulls as horrified bystanders watched and filmed (video below).

After the incident, Miller required three hours of surgery on his thighs, sphincter and back muscles, which was performed by Dr. Enrique Crespo in Salamanca, Spain, noted the Daily Mail.

“It’s not the worst injury I’ve seen, but it’s the biggest goring wound I’ve ever had to operate on,” Crespo told the Associated Press.

“One man from Scotland and a Spaniard from Salamanca were also injured,” added Town Councilor Pedro Munoz.

“Doctor Crespo is a world-renowned expert and we have a medically equipped helicopter on standby every day of our annual fiesta,” stated Munoz.

An anonymous hospital official told NBC News that Miller was not in life-threatening danger.

Sources: Daily Mail, Associated Press, NBC News / Image Credit: AP


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