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American Airlines Charges Regular Customers About $700 For Postponing Flight for Family Emergency

American Airlines offended two of their regular customers when they charged them about $700 for postponing a flight one extra day because of a family emergency.

Laguna Beach residents Sue Ogle and her husband traveled on American Airlines from Orange County to Toledo, Ohio, to visit Ogle’s 93-year-old father, according to the LA Times.

The tickets to Ohio cost $1,200 a piece, a ballpark price that the couple pays regularly to visit Ogle’s father because of his unstable health.

Ogle’s father had a heart attack while the couple was in Ohio, prompting the Ogles to postpone their flight to spend more time in Ohio. Ogle’s father survived the heart attack.

But when the couple went to push back one of their flights by a day, they were each charged a $200 change fee and $150 for each new ticket. Their total expenses amounted to about $700.

"We paid it," Ogle said. "But I was furious. The fact that my father just had a heart attack wasn't even a consideration."

American Airlines offers a “compassion fare” to its customers, which applies to circumstances in which people are flying because of medical emergencies or deaths of family members.

But the fare is only available to customers when they ask for it before they take off on their trips, and doesn’t apply to customers who experience emergency circumstances after they’ve booked their flights.

After the incident, American Airlines refunded the Ogles for the extra expenses they had to pay and apologized to Ogle.

"Apologies to her for the stress she had to go through," an American Airlines spokesperson said.

Sources: LA Times 


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