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American Airlines to Add More Seats to Coach Classes

Though flights already seem crowded enough, American Airlines is adding more seats to some of their jets. 

They recently announced they would be joining other major airlines by putting additional seats in the Boeing 737s and MD-80s to boost revenue. 

"Although we expect to add seats to the 737 and MD-80 fleets, we are evaluating the right number of seats and the impact on revenue and cost while retaining our Main Cabin Extra product," the airline said.

The seats are currently 17 inches wide with 28 inches of leg room in coach. But these dimensions will get smaller with the additional seats. The prices will likely stay the same.

The move not only makes passengers uncomfortable, it also affects flight attendants, as there will be more of them on the plane when the seats are added. Federal Aviation Administration requirements state that there should be one flight attendant for every 50 seats.

Last year, American Airlines said it would install 10 extra seats on Boeing 777s so they could install lie-flat seats in business class. They are going to add these seats next year.

Other airlines are also trying to make more money by installing seats with thinner back cushions, allowing them to put more seats in the cabin.

It is not known how many seats American Airlines plans to add to its planes.

Sources: Daily Mail, LA Times


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