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America Starts Flying Deportees to Mexico City Twice a Week

Immigration authorities in America have started a program which flies out illegal immigrants from the U.S. to Mexico twice a week.

The immigrants come from all over the United States and take the flight out of El Paso, Texas to Mexico City. The flights can seat 136 deportees, including men and women. Children will take different routes to their home country if they are traveling alone. 

Flights leave on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will last for 6 months. Unlike other programs that deported Mexicans, these flights are not voluntary. The Mexican government pays for the immigrants travel from Mexico City to their hometowns. 

The government expects to deport 6,800 people under the program. 

When they tested the program during a two-month trial last year, they sent back more than 2,300 Mexicans on 18 flights. 

In the past, the ICE has flown home deportees from countries who don't share a land border with America. This is most commonly Central Americans. 

Mexicans were previously sent back by plane or bus to a city along the border of the country. 

This program is different not only because it flies deportees out every week, but it also sends them deep into Mexico.

While President Barack Obama has backed a proposal that gives a path to citizenship to an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, he has also increased deportations. In the 2012 fiscal year, deportations topped at 400,000.

Sources: Yahoo,USA Today


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