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America’s Most Dangerous Jobs and the Most Dangerous States to Work them

Based on data from the U.S.  Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, an insurance representation company called ‘Allsup’ investigated state-wide rates of injuries and illnesses. We’re not talking paper cuts and carpal tunnel either. These work-related ‘injuries’ must be serious enough to warrant a transfer of jobs or curtailment of responsibilities.

Interestingly, as noted by Time, the study found that the danger of certain jobs varies state to state.

The winner of this prestigious superlative goes to Maine, with a rate of 1.4 extremely serious injuries for every 100 workers. Meanwhile, workers in New York and Washington D.C. are sitting pretty with the lowest state-wide rate of 0.1 injuries per 100 workers.

The study also considered types of professions. Contrary to what one may be led to believe from shows like ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Deadliest Catch,’ the deadliest day jobs go to amusement park workers (for whom work is no amusing matter). Animal slaughterhouses take second place as the most dangerous career choice (perhaps this is a case of chickens coming home to roost… or not coming home, as it were). Amazingly, nursing care facilities were the fifth highest rate of work-related injuries at 2.6 per 100 workers. Perhaps not-so-amazingly, the incidence of injury at alcoholic distilleries took sixth place.

Perhaps instead of ‘Dirty Jobs,’ ‘Deadliest Catch,’ or ‘Ax Men,’ the Discovery Channel might want to consider- ‘Maine Attraction,’ the story of the deadly careers of amusement park mania in the Northern forest of Maine in its quest for dangerous reality drama.

Here’s the full list:

Most Dangerous States For Workers:

1. Maine (1.4)

2. Indiana (1.1)

3. California (1.0)

4. Connecticut, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama (0.9)

5. Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, S. Carolina, Tennessee and Washington (0.8)

Most Dangerous Jobs In America:

1. Amusement parks/arcades (3.2 job transfer/restriction days per 100 workers)

2. Animal slaughtering/processing (3.1)

3. Beverage manufacturing (2.7)

3. Foundries

5. Nursing care facilities (2.6)

6. Beer/wine/distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers (2.4)

7. Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing (2.3)

8. Hog and pig farming, Motor vehicle manufacturing, Community care facilities for the elderly, Poultry/egg production (2.2)

Sources: AllsupTime


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