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Amber Gilleylen Sues McDonald's For Discrimination After Black Employee Refuses to Replace Biscuits for Free

Amber Gilleylen, who is white, is suing McDonald's employee Tonya Wesley, who is black, for "discrimination" because Wesley would not give Gilleylen a free order of biscuits when Wesley complained about the biscuits that she originally got with her order.

Gilleylen is also suing the St. Ann, Missouri, McDonald's manager Pardeep Roe and M&M Management, which owns the franchise store, reports Courthouse News Service.

Gilleylen's lawsuit claims that on Nov. 30, 2011, when Gilleylen complained about her food, Wesley said: "The white chick has a problem with her biscuits."

Wesley and Roe told Gilleylen that she could have her money back, but no free food.  The lawsuit doesn't say exactly what was wrong with the biscuits.

The lawsuit does say: "Defendants refused to serve [Gilleylen] based on her color, race and sex. Defendants denied [Gilleylen] full and equal use and enjoyment of a place of public accommodation based on her color, sex and race."

The lawsuit also claims that Wesley "threatened [Gilleylen] with bodily harm" and caused Gilleylen to "suffer apprehension of offensive contact" and become "damaged in the form of emotional distress and humiliation."


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