Amazon.com Pulls 'Ex-Girlfriend' Mannequin, Bleeds When Shot

Amazon.com has pulled a bizarre “ex-girlfriend” mannequin from its website. The mannequin, which bleeds when shot with a bullet, is manufactured by Zombie Industries.

According to ThinkProgress.org, the mannequin, named “Alexa,” or “the ex,” was pulled from Amazon.com after an online petition was circulated and signed.

Zombie Industries also created a President Obama mannequin that was on sale at the NRA convention in Houston last weekend, reported MSNBC.com. The company also sells 15 other types of mannequins.

In a promotional video (below) by Zombie Industries, a group of men demonstrate how to shoot the “ex-girlfriend” mannequin. One man says “dodge this” as he shoots the life-size doll.

Sources: ThinkProgress.org, WeareUltraViolet.org,MSNBC.com


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