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Amazon Uses James Gandolfini’s Death to Promote DVD Sales

One could argue  that Amazon was eager to honor the very recent death of late Sopranos star James Gandolfini. That being said, paying dues to a celebrity-passing is one thing, but using it to bump up DVD sales is a whole other story.

Amazon posted a tribute to Gandolfini on their Facebook page, but below his ‘in memorium,’ included a link to the Sopranos DVD purchase page on

“Had the online giant merely posted the text and the photo, none of Amazon’s 19 million Facebook followers would have noticed,” writes Consumerist. “But adding a link to the Season One DVD collection” was clearly a mistake.

Amazon’s former fans have certainly spoke out on the issue, repremanding the company for their extremely bad taste so close behind the death of a great actor.

“Stay classy Amazon,” says one post. “I’m sure James Gandolfini’s family is happy that his untimely death could bump up your Sopranos DVD sales.”

Another user wrote that they are “ashamed to be an Amazon shopper & Kindle user right now ... It was in poor taste … This is a real person, not a promotional opportunity.”

And herein lies a fine example for social media posters everywhere: one should always ask oneself, is it “too soon?”

Sources: Consumerist, MSN Now


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