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Amazing Video Shows Baby Being Rescued From Pile Of Rubble (Video)

An incredible video out of Syria shows an infant being rescued from the rubble of a fallen building.

On the video, a large group of men is seen frantically digging through piles of cement and rock. After some time, one of the men signals that he feels something below the surface. They keep digging. Soon enough, a shape starts to emerge from the pile. As they continue to move debris away, it becomes clear that the men are uncovering a small child. Miraculously, the baby was still alive.

The child begins crying as its head is free from the rubble and it can now breathe. The men continue laboring away until the baby is completely free. Everyone on the video is heard rejoicing and celebrating the amazing rescue that’s just taken place before their eyes.

This is a truly incredible sight to see. Check it out:


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