Amazing Two-Legged Dog Runs Fast on Beach (Video)


A two-legged boxer named "Doctor Lou Who" recently wowed the Internet with his very fast run on a beach.

Panda Paws Rescue, an animal organization in Vancouver, Wash., recorded the dog's jog with a GoPro camera (video below), reports

Doctor Lou Who only has two front legs, but doesn't like to use his his doggy wheelchair, according to Panda Paws Rescue's YouTube page.

While some of the footage was slowed down at times, none of it was sped up, which shows just how fast this pooch is.

Doctor Lou Who's back legs were born deformed, and later surgically removed, which Panda Paws Rescue defended.

According to, Amanda Giese, of Panda Paws Rescue, said: "For those who said I was an animal abuser for removing his severely deformed legs to give him a chance, for those who sent me hate mail and doubted this boy, suggesting we should just euthanize him, you are wrong. Thank goodness this baby boy landed in our loving home!"

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