Amazing Photos: Diver Almost Sucked into Whale Shark's Mouth


The whale shark is a massive beast, the largest fish in the sea, that can grow to up to 40 feet -- more if you believe some legends. Amazingly, they are docile creatures who pose no danger to divers, unless of course they get in the way of their mouths while they are feeding. That's what almost happened to one diver off Mexico, and there are pictures to prove it.

According to the Daily Mail, photographer Mauricio Handler was taking photos of one shark while it fed on plankton, and captured a moment when a diver got a bit too close and almost got sucked into its giant mouth.

"On our last day I was taking a photograph of a whale and it ended up swimming at my photographer friend," Handler said ."They don't have very good eyesight but the diver managed to get out of the way. If he had have been sucked into the massive mouth the shark would have just spat him out."

Photo courtesy Mauricio Handler and

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