Amazing Animals


Jeroen Kransen/cc by 2.0

In the words of Bruno Mars, whose hilarious video for "The Lazy Song" wisely features men in ape masks instead of the real (cruel) thing, these animals are amazing—just the way they are:

  • These critics aren't shy about spilling the beans on their favorite eateries. Who knew that bonobos were foodies?
  • "You lookin' at me?" Octopuses keep their friends and enemies close.
  • "Bird brain" can actually mean a lot of different things, like "smart," "shy," "outgoing," or "curious."
  • Long before the Beatles, we had the soulful stylings of the crickets.
  • Row, row! The fire ant crew team remains unbeaten.
  • Dogs are a girl's best friend. Did you ever hear a diamond cry at a homecoming?

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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