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Can You Find The Hidden Sheep In This Photo? (Photos)

An amateur photographer managed to capture images of a sheep camouflaged on Mount Evans in Colorado and has challenged viewers to find it.

Anthony Tepool, 51, who’s been an amateur photographer for 30 years, was shooting pictures in Arapaho National Forest when he captured the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

“I got several shots as the sheep leapt from rock-to-rock going right to left,” Tepool said, according to Daily Mail. “I’ve been an amateur photographer for 30 years but never seen anything like this.”

Tepool noted that he had seen movement as he walked toward his Jeep. He added that he loved taking “hide and seek” photos but that these were his best so far.

The photos were taken on Tepool’s new Samsung NX2000 with a 20-50 mm lens.

“I couldn’t afford the new camera with a full-zoom lens all-in-one package but it actually turned out well for these pictures,” Tepool said. “The hide and seek challenge wouldn’t be quite so good if I’d zoomed in any more.”

Tepool explained that he hopes viewers will find the photos challenging.

Can you spot the sheep in Tepool's photo?

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Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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