Grandmother Does Such A Terrible Job Robbing Bank, Teller Asks If She's For Real


An amateur bank robber in Michigan did such a bad job convincing tellers to hand over money that they had to ask if she was being serious.

Dee Ann Sanders, 53, was sentenced to three and a half years in federal prison this week for a June robbery at a Bank of America in Grand Rapids.

On June 18, Sanders entered the bank and handed a teller a note that said, “I need $2,500 for my bills + grandkids. Keep hands on counter. Sorry + thank you.”

“Her efforts were so amateurish and bungled,” said her attorney Richard Stroba, “that the teller had to inquire as to whether Ms. Sanders was actually committing a robbery.”

Afterwards, she gave her son the $300 she owed him for rent and drove around aimlessly, until she purchase crack cocaine.

Her son reportedly turned her in. She was arrested at his Byron Township home.

Stroba told the Grand Rapids Press that there was no chance his client would have gotten away with the crime.

“Ms. Sanders knows what she did is wrong,” Stroba said in court records.

District Judge Robert Jonker also ordered her to pay $347 in restitution and $750 in fines.

Sanders’ prison term will be followed by three years of supervised release.

“She has been forthcoming about her actions and the need for change in her life if she is going to return to society clean, sober, and poised for success in re-entry,” he wrote.

Stroba said he doesn’t believe she will be a threat to society in the future.

“Regarding deterrence, Ms. Sanders is a grandmother. She is, by her own admission, too old for this behavior,” he wrote.

Of the $1,092 she stole, police recovered $745.

Sources: TheBlaze, Grand Rapids Press


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