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Amarri Bowens Steals Starburst, Is Arrested for the 77th Time

Amarri Bowens of Chicago, Ill., was recently arrested for the 77th time. The man, only 22 years old, was this time busted for stealing a package of Starburst from a convenience store.

Bowens is said to have fled from the store, located at the Addison Red Line station at 940 W. Addison St., after grabbing his loot. Police say when they captured him, he had $29.89 worth of stolen candy. He was arrested and charged with felony theft.

Bowens has previously been “convicted 16 times for crimes including trespassing, cannabis possession, retail theft and illegally selling on CTA property,” says police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

Bowens appeared in court Sunday, reports the Chicago Tribune. According to the Cook County sheriff's office, a judge has set Bowens’ bail at $30,000. He is scheduled to appear in court again on June 7.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, My Fox Chicago


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