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Amanda Knox Will Not 'Willingly' Return to Italy to Serve Jail Sentence (Video)

Amanda Knox, an American, was accused of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Umbria, Italy in 2007.

Despite the fact there is no physical evidence or motive tying Knox or her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito to the crime, they were both convicted of the murder in 2009.

The only evidence the Italian prosecutor had was a "confession" signed by Knox, which was written in Italian and proposed imaginary scenarios, which she later disavowed as being signed under duress without a lawyer present.

Their murder convictions were overturned in 2011, but that ruling was overturned by the Italian Supreme Court in 2013. A new trial was ordered, but Knox did not return to Italy to attend.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, yesterday, a court in Florence, Italy found Knox and Sollecito guilty of murder again.

Sollecito is in Italy and had his passport revoked, however Knox is living in Seattle, Wash. and has no plans to return to Italy to serve her 26-year prison sentence.

It's not clear if the US government intends to extradite Knox, but she told ABC’s Good Morning America today that she will not "willingly" return to Italy, notes the Associated Press (video below).

“I did not expect this to happen,” Knox told Robin Roberts. “I really expected so much better from the Italian justice system. They found me innocent once before.”

Sources: Associated Press and Christian Science Monitor


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