Amanda Knox Loses Alibi in Meredith Kercher Murder Case


Amanda Knox, a suspect in the Meredith Kercher murder case, no longer has an alibi for the night that the British student was stabbed to death in her cottage.

Raffaele Sollecito, another suspect in the case, recently denied being with Knox throughout the night that 21-year-old Kercher was murdered in 2007 in Perugia, Italy. Kercher shared a cottage with Knox at the time she was killed, according to the Daily Mail.

Both Sollecito and Knox were initially convicted for the murder and were sentenced to 25 and 28 years in prison, respectively. They each served four years of their time before they were let out of prison in 2011.

Until recently, Knox and Sollecito had claimed that they were together throughout the night of the murder. However, Sollecito recently said he thinks there are holes in Knox’s story and alleged that he was not with Knox for the first part of the night. He added that phone records prove that Knox was not in his house for part of the night too.

“I was in love with (Knox) and we had some very happy moments, but ultimately Amanda was a stranger,” Sollecito said at a recent press conference. “There are anomalies in her version of events. Against me there is nothing.”

Knox, a 28-year-old University of Washington student, has said that she was told not to go to her job at a nightclub the night of the murder in a text she received. Originally, she said she got the text while she was at Sollecito’s house, but phone records suggest that she was not at the house when she received it.

“I have always believed in the innocence of Amanda. But I have to react to the accusations of the court and to the text message," Sollecito said. “Either the court has made their umpteenth mistake or she lied to me.”

Knox has said she was at the cottage when the murder took place. Sollecito claims Knox went back to her cottage the night of the murder and showered. He added that she spent the night with him but was “very agitated” when she returned from her home.

The "fundamental basis" for the conviction is Knox’s memo to police in which she says she was at the cottage when the murder took place, he said.

Knox has lived in the United States since 2011, when she left Italy after he four years of imprisonment. She said she hopes that Italian courts will find her innocent in the future.

Source: Daily Mail


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