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Amanda Knox' Ex 'Questioned' Her Strange Behavior On Night of Kercher Killing

As Amanda Knox tries to avoid extradition in Seattle after being handed her second guilty verdict in the murder of Meredith Kercher, her ex-boyfriend has come out on Italian TV saying that he “questioned” her behavior on the night in question.

Raffaele Sollecito, 29, said in an interview that Knox looked “very agitated” when she returned to his apartment after leaving to take a shower back in November 2007. She had found her front door opened and blood on the floor of the apartment.

"Certainly I asked her questions," Sollecito said. "Why did you take a shower? Why did she spend so much time there?"

A few hours later, police found Amanda Kercher’s dead body. She had been stabbed to death in the villa she shared with Knox.

When asked to make sense of Knox’ strange behavior last night with her alleged innocence, Sollecito responded, "I don’t have answers."

Knox has rebutted claims that Sollecito is now turning against her. In a recent blog post titled Raffaele Is Not a Slave, she disparaged the prosecution for trying to depict her then-lover as “both predisposed to violent sexual fetish and absolutely subservient to a dominant female companion.” She denied rumors that Sollecito, who is facing 25 years of prison in Italy, and his defense team had “started to put distance between him and me legally and personally.”

Knox quoted from an email exchange between her and Sollecito.

“I don’t want to be punished for, nor have to continue to justify, those things that regard you and not me. Obviously the evidence demonstrates both of our innocence, but it seems that for the judges and the people this objectivity is of no importance,” the email read, according to Knox.

"There is nothing against me and nothing very strong against Amanda," Sollecito recently told CNN. "And in my case, I really did nothing wrong, and I don't want to pay for someone else's peculiar behavior."

Sources: UPI,, CNN


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