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Amanda Knox Attorneys Acuse Jurors, Judge Overseeing Case Of Bias

The legal team representing Amanda Knox is accusing the jury and judges presiding over her case of bias.  

The accusations come after Judge Alessandro Nencini spoke about Knox’s murder conviction to Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra.

“The jurors returned home every day and were bombarded with information,” Nencini said. “When we met they would say, ‘Justice, but on TV they say that it happened in another way. What happened really?’”

Nencini also told the paper he felt "liberated because the moment of the decision is the most difficult. I also have children, and inflicting a sentence of 25 and 28 years on two young people is emotionally very tough."

Italian judges and jurors are forbidden from speaking directly to the press about a legal case until the appeal period for the case has passed. Knox’s appeal window runs for another year, and she is expected to make use of it. Because of this, the head of the Italian National Association of Judges called Nencini’s remarks “inappropriate.”

Knox’s attorney took these sentiments one step further when they said Nencini’s comments show “clear evidence of prejudice.” Though none of her attorneys have said exactly what their next step will be in the case, it’s all but certain they will appeal the latest ruling.

In 2011, a court acquitted Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Italy’s Supreme Court threw out the acquittal and ordered a retrial for the couple in which they were both convicted of murdering Kercher. 

Sources: Fox News, Mail Online


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