Altered Signs Pop Up In Liberal New York Overnight, 2 Words Leave Trump-Haters Livid

Altered Signs Pop Up In Liberal New York Overnight, 2 Words Leave Trump-Haters Livid Promo Image

A sign defaced to reference former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as "Crooked Hillary" went viral.

The sign went viral after it was spotted on Long Island, New York, and posted on Twitter. In the sign, the words "Crooked Hill Road" were changed to read "Crooked Hillary," a nickname given to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by President Donald Trump. Several letters were blocked out and others were added to change the wording.

The sign was reported to the New York State Department of Transportation and later fixed.

"As soon as we were notified about the graffiti yesterday morning, it was removed," a spokesman for the state's Department of Transportation said in a statement to Newsday. "Defacing public signs is illegal."

Despite the sign being defaced illegally, many readers applauded the sentiment behind it and expressed amusement over it.

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"All of you Democrats who are so upset over Donald Trump winning the presidential election, you did it to yourselves," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "If you had put forth a decent candidate instead of Hillary, Trump very well may have lost the election. Stop blaming everyone else for your stupid decisions."

"The Democrats, the Media and the Establishment Republicans just don't get it!" wrote another. "Their vile antics, bold faced lies, illogical obstruction, Socialist agenda and their unrelenting vulgar attack on Average Americans is swelling President Trump's support." 

"Living on Long Island I can tell you we are far from being all liberal!!" added another. "Love this sign!! Too bad the city takes over the entire state when it comes voting time."

"Well who ever change that sign hit the nail on the head crooked Hillary will go down in history as nothing more than a crooked politician," another reader commented.

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Some readers felt the sign shouldn't have been fixed.

"Loved the new sign," one reader wrote. "Should have left it alone. They just hate to be faced with the truth."

"Someone who works for New York's singage has great sense of humor," another commented.

"Good!!" another added. "Hope President Trump got a good laugh out of it too." 

"Hilary was a decent candidate but some believed the lies being told about her put out by trump and his party," another reader wrote. "Rem berry crook d Hillary and lock her up. Look what we got instead the most corrupt president in history and let's not,forget his administration are all crooks also. Lock them all up." 

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