Alt-Right Caught Using Racist Code Words On Twitter


Many alt-right (alternative right wing) Twitter users are using coded racist language to get around the social media site's ban on bigoted language.

Alex Goldman, of the "Reply All" podcast, tweeted a screenshot of a translation guide on Oct. 1 that included: "N-word = google; Jew/Kike = skype; Spic/Mexican = yahoo; Gook/Chink = bing; Muslim/Arab = skittle; gay (men) = butterfly, lesbian = fishbucket; tranny (mtf/ftm) = durdens; liberals/dems = car salesman."

Goldman captioned his tweet: "Racist Trump twitter has come up with a new coded way to share racial slurs w/ each other and avoid account suspension."

Vocativ reports that some alt-righters have been using these code words for at least a few weeks and cited several examples:

"F--- the Googles, Skypes, Skittles and the rest. Tonight's #Debates2016 is gonna be another shoah #debates."

"We need to boycott products where the tv ads features googles attempting to act like humans. Ads are made by skypes."

"Chain the googles. Gas the yahoos Search engine war now."

"#IfAGenieGrantedMeAWish I'd ban googles, yahoos, skypes and skittles :^)."

Buzzfeed News notes more coded racist tweets:

"USA Today not wanting people to vote trump is as shocking as a Skypes loving shekels."

"Trump is not a National Socialist. If he was, he wouldn't have kids that married skypes. Also he wouldn't be an ultra capitalist."

"Trump just doxed the Fed. You skypes about to get audited in 6 months. This is your notice."

"Damn #Googles #Yahoos & #Skittles!#MAGA #MAWA #AltRight #Trump #Duke4Senate."

"Well, the easiest way to do that is to physically remove googles, skypes, and tacos."

BuzzFeed News adds that the racist code words appear to have been originally created to evade Google’s Jigsaw program, which was set up by the search engine giant to stop Internet bullying.

The code words reportedly began on the racist chat boards of 4chan, and was called "Operation Google,” a reference to the racist code word "googles," notes BuzzFeed News.

Some of the creators of the new racist code also mentioned Microsoft’s Tay, the software giant's bot program that was created to stop online harassment.

BuzzFeed News contacted Google and Twitter, but has not yet received any comments.

Sources: Alex Goldman/Twitter, Vocativ, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Twitter

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