Almost 50 Suspected Immigrants Escape From Smuggling Truck (Video)


When authorities approached a vehicle in, Alice, Texas, last week, as many as 50 people got out of the truck and fled. Footage captured by the police cruiser’s camera shows images of dozens of people, who police suspect were illegal immigrants, fleeing the truck.

According to Chief Deputy Rodrigo Ramon of the Jim Wells County Texas Sheriff's Department, smuggling immigrants is a great way to make money, KMOV reported.

"That's a lot of people and if you put the math to it, $4,500 a person, which is the average going rate, multiply it times 45, that's a lot of money," Ramon said.

Thirty-one of the escapees were caught and at least 15 got away. The driver of the truck was also able to avoid capture.

The video is below:



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