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Alligator Goes After The Wrong Prey, Pays The Price (Video)

A video making the rounds online shows an alligator being killed by an electric eel that it was attempting to eat. 

In the video (below), the alligator seems to be quietly watching the eel and waiting for a moment to pounce while it moves around a body of water. When the eel gets close enough for the alligator to move in on it, it snatches the eel in its mouth starts trying to eat it.

Not long after biting it, the alligator begins to struggle with the eel as it tries to escape. Suddenly, the alligator freezes in one position and begins to shudder as the eel shocks it. 

The shocks continue for a few minutes until the alligator dies. The alligator ultimately ended up on its side with the eel still in its mouth, as the cameraman seemingly yelled for others to come and witness what had just happened.

Watch the fascinating footage below.

Sources: World Star Hip HopYouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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