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Allen Pendley Says Tennessee Cabbie Threw Him Out For Being A Soldier

A member of the U.S. National Guard says he was kicked out of a cab in Nashville when the driver learned he was a soldier.

Allen Pendley has been a guardsman for six years. After a weekend of military training, he was picked up by a Yellow Cab driver outside the Greyhound Bus station on Sunday.

"Before I could call one, a Yellow Cab pulled up and asked me if I needed a cab and I said yeah sure," Pendley told News Channel 5.

He was wearing his uniform at the time and says the driver was immediately curious.

"[The driver] asked me, 'Are you in the military?' I said, 'Yes, sir, I am. It kind of got distant and real quiet, and he pulled over and asked me to get out of the cab and find another cab."

Pendley, who served in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, was left stunned on the side of the road.

“Nobody should have to go through that,” he said. ”It just makes me feel real bad and discriminated against.”

The cab company is looking into Pendley’s claim, according to Doug Trimble, President of Yellow Cab.

Pendley did not have a cab number, so Yellow Cab will have to use its GPS system to track which driver made a pickup at the Greyhound station Sunday.

Trimble told News Channel 5 that if the accusation is true the driver would be fired and would also lose his permit.

However, what Yellow Cab told WAFB implies that they don’t believe Pendley’s claim:

“Yellow Cab officials said it doesn’t seem right, and if one of their cab drivers was anti-military, why would he pick up the soldier in the first place, since he was dressed in fully military fatigues.”

Either way, Pendley claims he’ll never ride with Yellow Cab again.

"Honestly, I'll never take them again," Pendley told WFAB.

"I hope he gets what's coming," he added.

Sources: News Channel 5, TheBlaze, WAFB


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