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Allegiant Air Passengers Stranded for 4 Hours, Sing 'I Can Fly' (Video)

Passengers, who were stranded on two Allegiant Air flights for four hours, broke into song when an unidentified passenger played R. Kelly's song "I Believe I Can Fly" on a small boom box.

The moment was recorded on someone's cell phone (video below) and uploaded to YouTube.

The passengers were grounded on a runway in Las Vegas on Sunday with no air conditioning or water on either airline in 110 degree heat, noted the Daily Mail.

"One of the passengers started getting a bloody nose from the heat so she rushed to the bathroom," said  passenger Francine Gutierrez to My Fox Phoenix. "Followed by her was another passenger that was starting to vomit. A third passenger passed out in the middle of the aisle. Everyone was kind of frantic."

She added: "The woman that passed out, we actually had to find water in our luggage, in our carry-ons, so everyone was scrambling through our purses to see if they had extra water bottles. There were a lot of people yelling and expressing they wanted to be off the plane immediately."

There was no apology issued by Allegiant Airlines' CEO, but the company's spokesperson, Brian Davis, said: "The pilots are constantly going through a maintenance checklist and an issue came up that they would not have boarded the airplane obviously if they were aware of this issue ahead of time, but when it did come to their attention, the safety of their passengers is their first priority."

Davis said that passengers had received free drinks on the plane, however, if water was not provided, as some passengers claim, that is a violation of U.S. law.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation: "Carriers must also ensure that passengers stuck on the tarmac are provided adequate food and water after two hours, as well as working lavatories and any necessary medical treatment."

Passengers received $100 credit for a future trip on Allegiant Air, but some just wanted their money for this flight refunded.

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