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Alleged Vandals Call Police On Themselves During Car Chase

Three hoodlums were arrested in Huntington Beach, California, after they called the police on themselves.

KTLA reports that the three men were vandalizing homes and cars.

One household did not let them get away with their actions.

Chandler King, 13, looked through the window of his Huntington Beach house and saw someone dumping paint on his older brother’s truck.

Chandler alerted his dad and sister, and soon after they were in a car chase with the vandals, who had left the neighborhood in their own vehicle.

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“They were trying to lose us, but we kept on following them,” Chandler said.

As the chase continued, one of the vandals called the police from inside the vehicle and said he feared for his safety.

The family was unable to call the police as they had forgotten their cell phone when they rushed out the door to pursue the vandals.

When police located both parties, they discovered that the men who had reported being chased had been throwing eggs at homes earlier in the evening.

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The NY Daily News reports that surveillance video taken outside the King’s home shows the men were responsible for pouring paint on the truck.

The two men and one juvenile were arrested on charges of felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Sources: KTLA, NY Daily News / Photo Source: KTLA


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