Alleged UFO Spotted Hovering Over Canadian Minor League Baseball Game (VIDEO)

It appears that aliens prefer Canadian minor league baseball over what the United States brings to the table.

During a game between the Vancouver Canadians and Everett AquaSox last week at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada, spectators saw what appeared to be a UFO.

The UFO appeared over the right field fence near the start of the sixth inning of the game. The Vancouver Canadians went on to score four run during the inning, prompting some to say that the appearance of the alleged UFO was "cosmic intervention."

The crowd of 1,796 began to tweet and post pictures of the UFO on the Internet and some of the players got in on the action as well. A video of the supposed spaceship was eventually posted on YouTube leading to a standard discussion of whether the UFO was actually real.

One user with the name “Saddam Hussein,” wrote, “You guys are so gullible. Those EXACT colors are used on the majority of the RC air crafts available in stores. Even planes, real ,planes use those colors on each side of the wing.” The user added: “Wake up... I believe in UFO's, I truly do. But I'm not a f****** stupid, gullible, moronic person like the rest of you believing in everything.”

Some users pointed out that the camera that shot the video was pointed in the direction of Vancouver International Airport and suggested that the ship had taken off there instead of somewhere in outer space, The Daily Mail reported.

The UFO video is below:

Sources: The Daily MailMSN Now


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