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Alleged Taxi Thief Hands Out Money, Crowds Cheer During Police Chase (Video)

An unidentified man accused of stealing a green taxi led police officers on a bizarre slow-speed chase in Los Angeles today.

According to police, the man allegedly stole the Toyota Prius taxi at gunpoint.

During the two-hour chase, the man stopped to talk to people, allowed photos and handed money to a child, noted the Associated Press (video below).

KTLA reports that the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that they considered the driver to be “armed and dangerous,” but onlookers cheered him on.

The man was followed by multiple police cars and a helicopter as he ran red lights. At one point, he got blocked by a train and had to make a U-turn.

Eventually, an armored police SUV slammed into the taxi, and two other LAPD vehicles helped block the driver. He put his hands up and surrendered peacefully. No word if any gun was found at the scene.

Sources: Associated Press, KTLA
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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