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Accused Rapist: Woman Is 'Not Even Rapable'

Ohio man William Francis Miller was arrested for allegedly raping a woman, but he denied the rape on the grounds that the woman was "not even rapable" by his personal standards, police report.

Miller was arrested on May 7 and taken into custody on a $26,000 bond, HLN-TV reports.

The alleged rape took place in May 2014, when Miller, 36, attended a house party in Iowa City. Miller, the alleged victim and friends were in attendance and drank during the party, according to Iowa City Police Department. At the end of the night, several people slept over, which is when the alleged assault took place.

Miller took off the pants of the victim who was incapacitated at the time and began raping her, an Iowa City probable cause report states. A friend of the victim witnessed the attack and ordered Miller to get out, which is when Miller left the residence. The friend was able to wake the alleged victim and get her to a hospital, according to a police report.

Police later questioned Miller in an interview, during which Miller admitted to having intercourse with the alleged victim. However, he claimed that the sex had been consensual, according to court documents. Miller also claimed the victim was "not even rapable, by his own standards," according to the probably cause report.

Miller was charged with felony abuse in connection to last May’s assault. He was also charged with theft, public intoxication and interference with official acts.

In the past, Miller has been convicted of domestic violence, theft, harassment, trespassing and marijuana possession.

Miller is currently awaiting trial and is scheduled to appear in court on May 18. He has not yet retained an attorney, according to court officials. 

Sources: Daily Mail, HLN-TV

Image source: Metro, Iowa City Police


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