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Alleged Cop-Killer Chris Dorner Bought Scuba Gear, Has Massive Online Fan Club

Two days before fugitive ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner began his spree of killings and violence, he purchased scuba gear. In video footage that has been released, Dorner can be seen buying oxygen tanks from Sports Chalet in Torrance, Calif.

According to The Daily Mail, the purchase was made on February 1.

Dorner, 33, was in the Naval reserves, so it is believed that he would be familiar with how to work the equipment. He paid for the gear using cash and was friendly towards the store clerk, obviously a stark contrast to the way he has been behaving in the days since.

Dorner’s purchase of the scuba equipment further supports theories that he planned out his revenge plot against his former LAPD colleagues in advance. Some fear that the wanted fugitive may have already escaped to Mexico, and there is a suspicion that Dorner attempted to steal a boat in San Diego last week.  

The news about the scuba gear purchase is just one of the latest developments in Dorner’s strange saga. Another major story that has emerged is that Dorner, who is wanted for three murders, has developed somewhat of a fan club.

A Facebook page entitled, “I support Christopher Jordan Dorner,” has sprouted up online and it is getting a disturbing number of likes. More than 9,000 “fans” have shown their support for the alleged murderer on the page. “I love how the lapd says 'we will not stand for this reign of terror' when they are the ones acting like terrorists,” one Dorner supporter wrote.

Dorner is still on the loose despite a large police search and a $1 million reward being offered for his capture. Since the bounty was announced, about 600 tips have come into the LAPD. In addition to concerns about Dorner being able to avoid capture by escaping at sea, it was revealed on Sunday that Dorner also received flight training when he served in the U.S. Navy. He already tried to steal a boat, and there is concern that he could attempt to steal an airplane to escape authorities.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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