Alleged Chupacabra Spotted in Mississippi Town


A Mississippi chupacabra sighting was reported recently, though some speculators believe the report was made after folks simply spotted a common animal and attached more meaning to it than they should have.

Mississippi resident Jennifer Whitfield and her 11-year-old son Justin spotted the so-called chupacabra in Picayune.

Whitfield said that if a zombie had a dog, it would look like the duo’s sighting.

Their neighbors, Jonathan and Amanda Denton, also reported seeing the strange animal. They didn’t consider the animal to by of mythical origin until their Goggle searches kept leading them back to that suggestion.

“I kept looking up ‘hairless coyote,’ and it kept saying ‘chupacabra,’” Mrs. Denton said.

Mr. Denton suggested that because the animal evaded Animal Control, it had some superior intelligence that obviously suggested it was a chupacabra.

“I didn’t know what it was, but then Animal Control couldn’t find it, so maybe it was a chupacabra,” Mr. Denton said.

Local teen Caroline Cooper said her dad thought it was a “squatchdog” because he’s obsessed with watching “Finding Bigfoot.”

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks reported that the animal was most likely a sick coyote that was unable to hunt and approached the closest food source it could find.

Sources: The Inquisitir, The Huffington Post


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