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Alleged Carjackers Shot Dead By Would-Be Victim

The victim of a carjacking turned the tables on his alleged assailants.

Jermaine Johnson and Kaiison Lewis reportedly approached a 30-year-old man driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV in the Bronx with the intent to carjack him at gunpoint, reports the NY Daily News.

The would-be carjacking victim did not merely hand over his car, but fought back. When they realized that the robbery had taken a turn, Johnson and Lewis attempted to flee.

Their target then pulled his own gun and shot-up Johnson’s green Acura TL with both men inside.

Johnson, 28, the driver of the Acura and new father of a boy last month, was shot in his midsection. He died at the scene. His sister, Yanique Johnson, describes him as “a loving, caring, brother.”

Lewis, 23, was shot in the head and midsection. He died after being taken to Jacobi Medical Center.

Two guns were reportedly found at the crime scene.

"To wake up to something like this is devastating, it is, it is, and especially with the children,” a resident of the Bronx neighborhood told NY1. "I became afraid when I said I had to go downstairs and go to the door, you don't know whether the shots is gonna come in."

The driver of the Mercedes has yet to be identified, but he is in police custody.


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