Alleged Airbnb Host Claims To Record Guests Having Sex

One of the latest anonymous admissions made to PostSecret may make you question whether or not to stay at an Airbnb rental.

“I swap hidden camera sex videos with other airbnb hosts,” the secret, revealed on Sept. 2 by an alleged Airbnb host on PostSecret’s Facebook page, reads.

PostSecret, which guarantees anonymity to people who share their secrets by mailing in a postcard, noted that this admission was their most talked about of the week.

PostSecret's guarantee of anonymity also makes it impossible to know whether the statement is true.

The Facebook post has been reacted to more than four thousand times, shared more one thousand times and received more than a thousand comments since it was posted on Sept. 2.

“As an Air BNB host who has been doing my utmost for [two] years to treat my guests with kindness and respect, I’m shocked and saddened by this postcard,” one Facebook user commented.

“One person filming is weird and creepy," another wrote. "A group of hosts sharing videos is way way way creepier."

Another user thinks Airbnb guests should make the best of the possibility that they are being recorded.

“They'll never make the tapes public for fear of prison,” she commented. “Next time you stay at an airbnb just make sure you wear sexy unders and put on the best show... Hopefully it will go unrecorded if not, you gave it your best shot.”

In 2015, a photo was shared on Imgur of a hidden camera a couple found in their Airbnb rental.

“We found a hidden camera pointing at the bed in our new year’s airbnb rental,” a Reddit user wrote when sharing a link to the image.

Sources: PostSecret/Facebook, Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Jason Toff/Flickr

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