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Dad Allegedly Abused, Fights For Custody (Photos)

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Horrific photos of a father abused by his daughter's mother went viral.

Imgur user AbrahamGeorgeLincolnWashington (AGLW) shared the shocking images of her friend, Steffen, who was allegedly abused by his ex-girlfriend. The incident began with a small argument about a friend of his ex-girlfriend’s who had stayed at their house too late at night.

“When I tried to pull her off of Steffen she bit me twice and threatened to break my nose. Steffen wouldn't fight back. With every headbutt I watched his face get more bloody and disfigured,” AGLW wrote alongside a series of photos showing Steffen’s horrifying injuries. 

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“I ran to the bathroom and locked the door to call 911. I was freaking out so bad I misdialed it twice. I could hear her still beating him through the door. When I came out of the bathroom she was gone; leaving their infant daughter behind. As soon as she realized I was calling the police she ran. She didn't even take her purse or shoes."

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"When the police came I had to talk him into pressing charges this time. He loved her. He didn't want her to go to jail. Last year he dropped the charges on a felonious assault against her. He sounded the same as a battered woman. Brainwashed. Scared. Blaming himself.”

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Stefan suffered a black eye, ruptured blood vessels and a broken nose in the incident. He got seven stitches in his ear where his ex-girlfriend bit him, and also suffered a concussion. Police reportedly gave him a temporary protection order against his ex.

“Not feeling safe in the apartment, he packed up his and Mina's belongings and fled to stay with family. Yesterday he was served papers. Mina's mother made bond and filed for emergency custody,” AGLW wrote.

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Steffen’s story went viral, with many expressing their disgust over the way he was treated.

“I hope he wins and she should never be allowed to have their child. That woman needs help, she's a monster,” one viewer commented on Independent Journal Review. 

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“Man or does not matter! You DO NOT put your hands on someone in anger! Female to male domestic violence is just as bad if not more dangerous as male to female. The bad part is that he has to prove himself fit to be given full custody even though there is proof she is not. Hypocrisy at it's finest!” another commenter wrote. 

Sources: AGLW/Imgur, Independent Journal Review / Photo credit: AGLW/Imgur via Independent Journal Review

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