All-Yamama Company Smuggles KFC Via Gaza Tunnels

Al-Yamama is a company that has taken smuggling to a whole new level. Now, chicken-cravers in the Middle East can order KFC to be transported to them via tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border.

By advertising it’s new KFC-smuggling service on Facebook, al-Yamama currently gets tens of orders every week, says the Christian Science Monitor. “Despite having to triple the price to 100 shekels ($30) to cover transportation and smuggling fees,” they write, “the deliveries go from the fryers at the Al-Arish KFC joint 35 miles away to customers' doorsteps in about three hours.”

As with any addiction, says the Christian Science Monitor, regardless of incredibly inflated prices, the most important thing is getting your fix. Rafat Shororo, a man who has been long missing the taste of KFC that he once tried in Egypt, says it hardly matters how much the grub costs, “I just want it.” Or, as 22-year-old Aboud Fares says, "it's delicious even as it's not hot."

Apparently, an incredible expanse of tunnels connects Gaza and Egypt “along their seven-mile border, allowing food, medicine, cars, construction materials and weapons to bypass an Israeli blockade,” says the Washington Post. The Daily News says the tunnels have been used to smuggle “everything from motorcycles to fish to brides.” Despite having created immensely profitable business opportunities, in more recent times users of the tunnels have run into a few snafus.

“Tunnel-owners pay hefty taxes to Hamas and bear responsibility for tunnel collapses and worker injuries,” writes the Washington Post. “Israeli jets have at times bombed the land above the tunnels in an apparent attempt to collapse them. Egypt, which historically often turned a blind eye to the smuggling, began flooding and closing tunnels,” as well.

In lieu of these difficulties and the triple-price-increase, patrons of al-Yamama’s KFC delivery service seem to be getting their hands on all the finger-licking-goodness they crave.

Sources: Christian Science Monitor, Daily News, Washington Post


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