Woman Falls To Her Death From Cliff (Photos)


A young Nevada woman died after falling from a cliff in San Pedro, California.

Firefighters were called to the scene on Aug. 19 after the body of 21-year-old Lorena Barrera was found at the base of a cliff “after an apparent fall,” Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey told KCBS.

Barrera, investigators said, climbed over a wall to take a picture of the view from the cliff and tripped while attempting to take the picture. She fell 100 feet onto the rocks below her.

Police said the young woman was wearing flip flops, which they believe caused her to slip and fall. 

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Barrera had just moved to California from Reno, Nevada, and was hoping to get a photo from the cliff on her first full day in her new home state.

“These places are not that stable. You have to be careful wherever you go especially if you're just trying to get a good view,” Andres Juarez, a local resident, told KNBC.

The cliff is reportedly responsible for many deaths throughout the years, including two in the past week.

“It happens all the time over here, left and right , a lot of young people. You see the railing here -- tells you don't go over and try to take pictures. A lot of people take chances -- consequences ends up like this,” San Pedro resident Cecil Reynolds said. 

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In a similar incident, a Florida woman died in July after falling off a cliff at the Grand Canyon.

Colleen Burns, an Orlando resident who worked as a marketing director for Yelp, had just shared a photo of herself sitting on the edge of a cliff when she fell to her death. Her employer issued a statement following her death:

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Colleen Burns, a cherished Yelp colleagues and friend. Colleen launched the Yelp community in Orlando nearly seven years ago. Her passing represents a tremendous loss to our company, the communities she supported and the many friends she made while doing what she loved. We are heartbroken but thankful to have been positively shaped by her passion and joy for life."

Sources: KCBS, KNBC, Us Magazine / Photo credit: KCBS and Facebook via Daily Mail

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